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Automation Logic (AL) is a leading UK independent DevOps consultancy with a mission to build enterprises the new kind of teams and infrastructure they need to thrive in the digital economy. The ultimate vision is to apply automation as a force for positive change, enabling organisations and individuals to realise their creative potential. Over the past 10 years AL has delivered numerous engagements, helping enterprises to accelerate modernisation of their IT infrastructure and digitise their services to improve the value they can deliver to their end customers and save cost to channel investment towards innovation.

AL’s expanding team is at the core of their reputation for commitment to delivery excellence. The team is internationally diverse and each and every person embodies the company mission and values.With one of the largest growing pools of DevOps talent in the UK, AL focus on assisting clients to build high-performing teams so that they can fast become self-sufficient. For example, when AL were engaged at the Ministry of Justice to build a software delivery platform for their digital services, migrating to the new platform reduced hosting costs by 90%. Their CTO at the time commented “Automation Logic are collaborative, innovative and humble making them a great fit for our agile approach to software development. They are always able to deliver value to citizens whilst supporting the wider digital agenda of insourcing and keeping civil servants in strategic control of the services they are responsible for.”

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