Case Study: Pepsi

Innovation at the edge of this enterprise eventually led to huge tangible improvements in costs and time efficiencies. Speed and cost, coupled with lack of innovation in traditional outsourcing companies encouraged Pepsi DRC to try our platform.

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One of the Middle East’s largest F&B manufacturing and distribution companies was using manual, offline methods to accept and place orders from its distributors.

Dubai Refreshments distributes Pepsi products across the Middle East. The process of capturing requests offline, wasted man hours and was prone to human errors – resulting in business losses. As the company's distributorship grew, this method became impossible to scale.


The enterprise needed an ecommerce solution – made even more urgent with the emergence of Covid-19. Ours enabled instant order captures, leading to time efficiencies and removing any need for manual spreadsheets.

And for the first time, Pepsi will move away from on-premise data centres to hosting on AWS, making big savings with Builder Cloud – enabling them to scale up exponentially.

Our help

Together, we created a B2B ecommerce app for Pepsi at a fraction of the cost. Automating the order process and enabling their resellers to order online. Now they can now engage with resellers and personalise offers to up-sell products. The app works seamlessly with their existing SAP solution, so existing operations weren’t impacted at all. 

Thanks to the reusability of our code, Pepsi used this app as the basis of a new B2C app, where customers can place orders – again, increasing engagement with the brand. was created with a vision: an app in every business and in the hands of every entrepreneur.

Building software needs to be a digital utility but, today, creating it requires too much time, effort and expert help. The new citizen developer thinks Java is a coffee bean you get at Starbucks, not a language you code in; that’s why over 78% of software projects fail!

We’re different; we let our customers order software not build it; because the world is craving for the software equivalent of Dominos not a pizza kitchen & 10 boot coding camps.

Our AI powered assembly line fuses together Lego-like reusable features, AI & deep automation that vastly reduce human effort, and a verified network of experts that customize it for every customer - upto 6x faster, 70% cheaper & almost zero failure.

Our vision? Everyone should be able to think it, order it and deploy it, within a day.


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