Case Study: Siam Makro

How we helped Southeast Asia’s largest cash & carry create an order management system – 98.3% cheaper than their previous SaaS solution.

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" has been a valuable partner of Makro for over 2 years, allowing us to create our own proprietary platform upon which we have built our entire eCommerce presence."        - Dhruv Kumar Singh, Makro


One of Asia’s largest Cash & Carry chains (worth over $9bn) used a SaaS-based Order Management System, which didn’t scale well to the dynamic nature of their businesses – and it was costing over $1m a month to run.


We updated their tech stack with a dynamic and scalable Order Management System. It’s tailor-made for their enterprise, giving them 100% features utilisation vs only 30% with the SaaS solution.

Our help

We enabled one visionary to innovate at the edge of his enterprise and create huge, tangible improvements. The custom, owned Order Management System he built with not only performed better but compared to 5 years of SaaS bills, came in at 1.67% of the cost. was created with a vision: an app in every business and in the hands of every entrepreneur.

Building software needs to be a digital utility but, today, creating it requires too much time, effort and expert help. The new citizen developer thinks Java is a coffee bean you get at Starbucks, not a language you code in; that’s why over 78% of software projects fail!

We’re different; we let our customers order software not build it; because the world is craving for the software equivalent of Dominos not a pizza kitchen & 10 boot coding camps.

Our AI powered assembly line fuses together Lego-like reusable features, AI & deep automation that vastly reduce human effort, and a verified network of experts that customize it for every customer - upto 6x faster, 70% cheaper & almost zero failure.

Our vision? Everyone should be able to think it, order it and deploy it, within a day.


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