Case Study: Xander Group

Digitizing their real-estate business ($3 billion in equity investments since 2005) with a heavy focus on innovative technology.

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“The kind of tools they have would help even a layman put together the list of features and functions one needs to create an application in a breeze, at the same time showing how much cost & time impact each feature would add to the overall project.”

- Rattish Shekhar - The Xander Group


Since 2005, the group has made equity investments of over $3 billion in private, public, credit, venture and real estate opportunities. However, being both a real estate dependent business and non-tech enabled, means they’ve lost a fortune due to the pandemic.


Digitizing their traditional real-estate businesses with a heavy focus on technology – innovative solutions like a Virtual Mall and Automated Parking. Together, we decided to go live first with a small application for their shopping malls – giving customers a fully digital way to use the foodcourt menu (either ordering online at the mall or from their homes).

Our help

Head of Technology, Rattish Shekhar had evaluated a number of vendors before choosing for our transparency, knowledge, guidance and swiftness. He says, “In the beginning, we had to make adjustments to the task every week. was very responsive to these changes.”

He wanted us to manage the entire project from development to scalability. So the on-going support we offer with Builder Care, our product aftercare and cloud hosting with Builder Cloud made this simple. was created with a vision: an app in every business and in the hands of every entrepreneur.

Building software needs to be a digital utility but, today, creating it requires too much time, effort and expert help. The new citizen developer thinks Java is a coffee bean you get at Starbucks, not a language you code in; that’s why over 78% of software projects fail!

We’re different; we let our customers order software not build it; because the world is craving for the software equivalent of Dominos not a pizza kitchen & 10 boot coding camps.

Our AI powered assembly line fuses together Lego-like reusable features, AI & deep automation that vastly reduce human effort, and a verified network of experts that customize it for every customer - upto 6x faster, 70% cheaper & almost zero failure.

Our vision? Everyone should be able to think it, order it and deploy it, within a day.


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