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Mohamed Rahmoune, CIO - FITNESS PARK

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Like the retail industry in the past, the fitness industry is evolving towards a more data-centric model: one that can provide more in-depth information to sales forces to help them make more informed decisions and provide better, more personalized offers to members to help them achieve their goals. 

The group FITNESS PARK, like the fitness market in France, is enjoying sustained growth. The group is changing to considerably increase the value provided to members thanks to a data-based strategy: personalized solutions and organized information. This transformation goes hand in hand with the group's IT department's mission to organize information and make it universally accessible, secure and useful.  

In order to approach this objective, the FITNESS PARK group has set up an agile organization, oriented collaboration in real time, in order to accelerate the cycle of innovation and the establishment of secure, flexible and connected infrastructures.

In 2019, the FITNESS PARK group launched the FP CLOUD SOLUTION offer, first for its branches, then for its brand licensees in the second phase. FITNESS PARK GROUP intends to stimulate innovation and efficiency through a modern and centralized infrastructure in the cloud on the one hand and on the other hand the use of advanced analysis tools such as Machine Learning and AI. 

To do this, the FP CLOUD SOLUTION program was launched, thus becoming one of the biggest digital transformation project in the European fitness sector. This program includes several projects: 



Vcient to replace the legacy solution (monolithic solution on-premise and in clubs) become:

  • too restrictive for the operation and for business.

  • Unstable to guarantee continuous service in FITNESS PARK clubs open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., and in some cases open 24/7 all year round.

  • Too expensive because of its architecture and infrastructure.

  • Monolithic solution not allowing simple integration by API and thus restricting all innovations.


Following a call for tenders, a solution in SaaS mode (Cloud) was chosen with development in Agile mode, allowing customization of the solution to the specific needs of the FITNESS PARK group and opening up in API (Application Programming Interface) for interconnection with the various components of the IS architecture (Information System).

On December 13, 2019, the group announced the end of the migrations of all of its branches and of some brand licensees, the satisfaction survey demonstrated an adoption of the tool by the salespeople and full satisfaction. 


A purchasing tunnel offering future customers a secure solution for online purchases (subscriptions and boutique products). In production since May 6, 2019. 



In order to absorb the growth of the group, the salesforce solution was chosen, and a partnership was signed with Crosstalent to personalize the solution to the specific needs of the FITNESS PARK group. In Production since December 20, 2019. 


The Fuze solution, market leader (Forrester 2019) was selected and implemented. The solution quickly made it possible to unify telephony, deal with the obsolescence of PABX IP infrastructures and provide a powerful tool at headquarters and in clubs for collaboration. In production since October 3, 2019. 


A terminal bringing together several technologies: a touch screen, a camera, a thermal printer, a TPE and an RFID card unstacker. The latter offers customers the possibility of purchasing their subscription to a club autonomously. In production since May 14, 2019. 


The collaborative solution has facilitated collaboration between headquarters and clubs with the entire suite: Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep and Gmail as well as Forms for conducting satisfaction surveys and feedback from clubs to headquarters, and Sites for creating on-the-fly sites for projects. 


“The FP CLOUD program represents one of the biggest digital transformation project in the European fitness sector, the key to the success of this program is linked to strong support for change, provided to clubs, before, during and after implementation. The support provided has facilitated the adoption of new tools, perpetuating their proper use and maximizing productivity through training, documentation and very present support. The DSI succeeded in setting up a migration factory with a first step at D-90 days to inform and warn the clubs of their migration and a post-migration follow-up in two phases: nursery phase then a recurrence phase." Mohamed Rahmoune, Director of Group Information Systems- FITNESS PARK


Sample Migration Factory 


Mohamed Rahmoune will be attending our CIO Europe Event in Stockholm, Sweden on March 5th 2020. To learn more about this and other upcoming CIO events, visit our website here.

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