How to navigate today’s major security challenges

Combining people, processes and technology into one single security strategy Digital Boardroom in association with Elastic

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Tuesday 26th January 2021

16:00 - 17:00 CET

How to navigate today’s major security challenges: Combining people, processes and technology into one single security strategy

Security keeps getting more complex and time-consuming. Threats exploit not only traditional IT and OT environments, but also IoT, cloud and mobile — basically any device or service that allows a way in. Furthermore, modern threats like data breaches, ransomware and phishing attacks are evasive; they run in-memory, turn off some protective controls and cover their own tracks. On top of that, threats can evolve quickly, rendering some threat intelligence obsolete within minutes or even seconds. 

The need to eliminate blind spots, stop threats at scale and support your security analysts in preventing, detecting and responding to external cyber threats directed towards your organization is real. In addition, according to a recent Forrester publication, the push to remote working in COVID-19 times is already leading to the “new norm” of coronavirus-specific security attacks.

It is nearly impossible for any organization to keep up with all the changes and the emerging risks. Technology alone will not solve the problem. It is necessary to establish a framework for managing risk that focuses on three key elements: people, process, and technology.

Join us to share your experiences and to learn more from your peers in a round table discussion covering these topics and more. 


Lisa Jones-Huff, Sr. Director Solutions Architecture 

Lisa is the Sr. Director Solutions Architecture focussed on Security at Elastic, the company redefining data solutions that are built on a search foundation. She has spent over 20 years in the IT security industry, starting as a consultant focussed on security and network, then as a manager of seasoned security professionals on the Arcsight SIEM technology, and most recently as a VP of NA Pre-Sales Engineering at Exabeam. She has made it her mission to help companies around the world, leverage the power of open source software solutions. At Elastic, this means changing how businesses think about people, processes and technology for maximum business impact.

Arno van Driel, Area Vice President Emea North 

Arno van Driel is leading the business in EMEA North and has been with Elastic for over 5 years. Arno has a well established foundation in the technical industry having held leadership roles in the past at companies like both Datameer and IBM. Although Elastic is a public company trading on the NYSE, it’s foundation in The Netherlands from back in 2012 has welcomed many customers across the Benelux  and Nordics such ING, Marktplaats, Collector Bank and Volvo Group Connected Solutions AB. 

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