Impact of homeworking on business and IT service continuity

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Impact of homeworking on business and IT service continuity 

The widespread move to virtual working environments has placed greater emphasis on the requirement for resilient and secure IT infrastructure. Remote working has also placed additional security demands on already stretched IT support teams.   Since early 2020, many businesses have had to manage large numbers of employees working from home. Aside some initial challenges around laptop procurement and ensuring staff had the correct set-up to work from home, what other challenges have come to light from both a business and IT standpoint?   During this session we’ll review some of the lessons we’ve learnt from our customers, focusing on those relating to security, operational and IT service delivery, plus:   * What are the information security and operational impacts both short and long-term? * Has there been an increased cyber security risk with the wider use of homeworking? * What impact has the last 12 months had on IT service continuity? * What scope do businesses have to reduce their physical IT estate? Chris Butler - Principal Consultant, Risk, Resilience & Security Eric Buret - Principal Consultant Resiliency and Crisis ManagementI

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