Inspiring Tech Leaders

The Technology Podcast Series (Episodes 1 - 5)

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Episode 1 - Introducing Inspiring Tech Leaders with Dave Roberts

Introducing a new podcast series called Inspiring Tech Leaders, which will explore the experiences and insights from Industry Tech Leaders. Each week the podcast series will provide the listeners with a wealth of knowledge and invaluable technology thought leadership.

Episode 2 - Inspiring Tech Leaders interview with Dr Bill Limond, Global Interim CIO

The Inspiring Tech Leaders podcast launches today with my special guest Dr Bill Limond.

Bill is a board-level 'troubleshooter' for global business development and IT enabled change. He has held both permanent and interim C-Level roles, as well as numerous Advisory engagements.

Bill's career journey has been an incredible story and I feel privileged that he has shared some of his experiences and insights in this podcast.

Episode 3 - Inspiring Tech Leaders interview with Jo Drake, CIO of The Hut Group

This week Jo Drake provides some fascinating insights about her career path from IT Service Desk to becoming a Chief Information Officer.

Jo talks about finding and attracting tech talent and the impact that COVID has had on the overall innovation agenda.

Hear about how she has created a culture of incremental and continuous innovation to ensure that the technology team are doing the right things that deliver the greatest value.

Episode 4 - Inspiring Tech Leaders interview with Freddie Quek, CTO at Times Higher Education

In this podcast I talk with Freddie Quek about his career journey into IT Leadership and how he is managing the tech agenda at Times Higher Education.

Freddie discusses the benefits of having both a technology and communications strategy to ensure successful outcomes.

We explore the new ways of working within organisations and the importance of real conversations.

Episode 5 - Inspiring Tech Leaders interview with Danny Attias, CDIO at Anthony Nolan

In this week's Inspiring Tech Leaders podcast I'm talking with Danny Attias, who is the CDIO at Anthony Nolan and the current UK no.1 CIO.

Danny talks about his career journey into Tech Leadership and shares valuable insight about how he was able to unlock his own potential to grow and develop as a leader.

In this episode, we discuss the democratisation of technology and how the digital landscape continues to evolve.

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