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The Technology Podcast Series (Episodes 11 - 15)

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Episode 11 - Inspiring Tech Leaders interview with Paul Boardman, IT Director at Northwood

In this week's Inspiring Tech Leaders podcast I'm talking with Paul Boardman, who is the IT Director at Northwood.

Paul talks about his IT career journey working within manufacturing and supply chain.

We explore the challenges that face IT Leaders today and how to ensure organisations drive value from technology.

Hear how Paul has helped to improve analytics and automation within Northwood and is taking advantage of cloud based solutions to drive efficiency across the entire business.

Episode 12 - Inspiring Tech Leaders interview with Sabah Carter, CIO at News Corp

In this week's Inspiring Tech Leaders podcast, Sabah Carter talks about her career journey as a senior technology leader working within leading organisations such as News Corp, Pearson English, BBC Worldwide, Capgemini and the Financial Times.

We talk about the importance of IT security and some of the techniques used to help increase Cyber Security awareness across organisations.

Sabah talks about creating a culture of innovation and the importance of having a seamless experience when using technology.

Hear about how Sabah is focused on ensuring there is diversity and inclusion at all levels within technology and the importance of being good collaborators.

Episode 13 - Inspiring Tech Leaders interview with John Sullivan, Transformational and Award-winning CIO

In this week's Inspiring Tech Leaders podcast I'm talking with John Sullivan, who is an award-winning and transformational CIO. John has worked in a number of senior roles for well known organisations such as Virgin Trains, the Gondola Group, Laura Ashley, the Disney Store and HMV.

Learn more about how John has helped to implement data driven solutions across various retail environments that has helped to increase gross margins and customer satisfaction.

John talks about his experiences of developing strategies to implement both regional and international technology solutions and how to target the right products for the various global markets.

Hear about how John helped to drive forward transformational projects such as the Pizza Express customer database, which reached 19 million customers. We discuss how John used analytics and automation to offer enticing incentives and vouchers for customers and how that helped to increase the overall revenue for the group.

As a modern CIO, John relays his interactions with customers while working with Virgin Trains and how he led the project to automate ticket refunds for late running trains and the overall positive impact for customers, staff and shareholders.

Episode 14 - Inspiring Tech Leaders interview with Sue Parker, Founder of Empowered Leaders in Tech

This week on the Inspiring Tech Leaders podcast I'm joined by Sue Parker, the Founder of Empowered Leaders in Tech.

Sue talks about her journey into Technology and her passion for helping ambitious professionals to become empowered leaders.

Hear how Sue has created a platform for personal and professional development to enable people to feel motivated and fulfilled in their roles. Sue describes how she was able to overcome the imposter syndrome as a developer and find her path forward as a successful coach and mentor.

We discuss how to create a structure as a path to successfully achieving your goals and long term objectives. Sue provides guidance on how to develop personal branding and moving up the organisational value chain.

If you would like to hear more about Empowered Leaders in Tech please visit or connect directly with Sue via her LinkedIn profile -

Episode 15 - Inspiring Tech Leaders - Rising Stars of Technology - Alina Timofeeva

This week I'm pleased to introduce a new segment to the podcast that recognises the Rising Stars of Technology.

In this new segment I will be talking with up and coming Technology leaders and learning more about their journey to becoming the next generation of CxO's.

I'm delighted to welcome Alina Timofeeva to the podcast, who is a Senior Manager at KPMG and has previously worked for Accenture and PwC.

Alina is a multi-award winning executive who has been recognised in the Top 50 Women in Software List and also the Tech Women 100.

Alina shares her incredible story of how she grew up in Russia and developed a successful technology career in London.

Hear how Alina is helping to support our migrant community and her involvement in mentoring programmes to support diversity and inclusion.

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