Is your analytics strategy and culture a match made in heaven or a match made in hell?

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Thursday 28th January 2021

11:00 - 12:00 GMT

Is your analytics strategy and culture a match made in heaven or a match made in hell?

It’s a time to face the truth: most organizations trying to implement enterprise analytics and BI have or will fail. There is no shame in this: failure is part and parcel of the process. 

For any organization that depends on data, the universal goal is to become data-driven, united by those who manage the data and those who use it. Whilst the goal is the same for both, the means to achieve it can differ drastically. Failure to see the others’ core interests lies at the very heart of the conflict, and derails even the best-intentioned analytics and BI initiatives. 

If the strategy doesn’t match the needs of the business, users will chart their own course, data silos will emerge, and distinct cultures and tools will proliferate across the business. When individual departments go it alone, data leaders are forced into a reactive stance—and they spend more time tamping down innovation than encouraging it. 

Now more than ever, it’s imperative that those who manage and use analytics find common ground. The price of failure is simply too high.

What’s keeping you from aligning strategy and culture? What steps can data leaders take to ensure their data strategy leads their organizations to the promised land? And how can they avoid the descent into further chaos.

In this Digital Board Room, Pyramid Analytics’ Principal Technologist, Rob Cowell, will explore with you the key ways organizations can match strategy and culture, sharing experiences on how they’ve aligned people, processes, and technology to guide their organizations in the right direction.


Rob Cowell, Principal Technologist

More than 25 years’ experience of high-volume data architectures and analytics. Rob has worked as a software developer, database administrator, technical and solutions architect and currently focuses on predictive analytics and data visualisation at Pyramid Analytics.

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