Key Highlights from the Tata Communications Boardroom on Making the Hybrid Workplace a Reality

A round-up of the discussion held at the Tata Communications boardroom.
Key Highlights from the Tata Communications Boardroom on Making the Hybrid Workplace a Reality

The Global CIO Institute held an excellent discussion on "Making the Hybrid Workplace a Reality", with thanks to @Tata Communications

Some key discussion points revolved around:

  • Legacy systems had gaps in supporting hybrid working. While it was a challenge to fill these gaps, firms rushed to ensure that they had the right processes in place to address disruption as quickly as possible. The pandemic forced businesses to accelerate integration, the adoption of new technologies and digital capabilities to be expanded. 
  • The attendees felt that it was key for firms to encourage employees to have face-to-face interaction, particularly whilst being in the office. As employee behaviour had changed in the last two years, firms must review their ways of working and look to create an environment where the essence of an office is not lost. 
  • Inclusivity is a positive outcome of the pandemic where employees all over the world now feel like they belong and the feeling of being excluded is a thing of the past. 
  • Firms found it useful to help their employees create a comfortable work from home environment where they funded comfortable chairs and tables to ensure that health and safety is constantly maintained besides putting in place wellness and mental health strategies. 
  • The attendees agreed that firms must be mindful of time zones and employees being in other parts of the world as it is a challenge being able to disconnect. While this remains a work in progress, it is critical for firms to address this and draw lines so that employees can disconnect when working with a global team. 

Watch the full recording on-demand here.

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