Lowering Data Storage Costs Starts with an Independent Assessment

By Mark Smith, Enterprise Sales Manager, Infinidat
Lowering Data Storage Costs Starts  with an Independent Assessment

Understanding whether your organisation is spending too much money on data storage is critical for running a fundamentally sound business and efficient IT operation. The total cost of ownership (TCO) of your storage capabilities and capacity may be adversely affected by unnecessary waste, inefficiency and rigid pricing from your solution provider. It’s a quandary at the centre of strategically managing the TCO of data storage.

Sub-optimal workload performance, downtime, poor scalability and use of too much space can cause unexpected spikes in your spending on enterprise-class storage. But how can you approach assessing whether your company is spending too much or not?  

Here are three tips on how to start the process of determining where your organisation’s TCO falls on the spectrum of efficient cost management vs. inefficient cost management:

[1] Establish an independent approach

Assessing storage costs cannot be done in a vacuum or with too intense a focus in subjective sentiments. An organisation serves itself well by establishing a degree of independence when evaluating TCO for storage. It is important to bring in outside information (i.e. industry benchmarks), facilitate or oversee meaningful, like-for-like comparisons, and allow comparative data to reveal truths that may seem unfamiliar. In other words, put aside pre-conceived notions and be ready to consider new, independent points of reference. 

[2] Be ready to share the right information

When looking at TCO, the proper information needs to be readily available as inputs. This includes usable capacity consumed and relevant performance statistics that illustrate your organisation’s current storage implementation. You should also have a clear description of your requirements at hand, enhanced by your wish list as well, such as the level of availability or performance you aspire to. Data on rackspace usage, power consumption, number of minutes in downtime in a given period, and how fast the payback is for your investments in data storage are also useful. 

[3] Take advantage of a free storage TCO assessment

You don’t have to do the TCO assessment alone. Free assessments are available to help you with performance analysis and TCO evaluation. Results can be generated in less than a week, which gives you a head-start on your journey to reduce costs for storage. 

Infinidat offers a Free Performance Analysis and TCO Assessment, delivering results in just a matter of days. This free assessment has led a multi-national bank to lower TCO by 70% and a top financial institution to improve performance by 40%. It also showed a global tech company that it could consolidate four storage arrays down to one array, as well as triggering a telecom company to figure out a way to reduce power consumption by 5x. 

In all these cases, the organisations did not know before the assessment that they were operating in a sub-optimal manner, which was increasing costs, even in subtle ways that added up. Going through the exercise reveals keen insights that are relevant for IT decision-makers and business leaders. 

By providing your inputs, Infinidat will undertake initial performance testing for you – at no cost to you. The company will run your workload against the InfiniBox® platform and show you the difference using a structured form that can be assimilated into your standard methods of reporting. Conclusions will be drawn from the test results to give you options on how you can save money. 

Time really is money in the world of storage, and zero minutes of unplanned downtime has a cost benefit. Infinidat provides 100% availability and high performance at multi-petabyte scale. Our Elastic Pricing option offers easy access to cloud-like flexibility and disruptive economics, combining CapEx (Base Capacity) and OpEx (Burst Capacity). Infinidat helps organisations find the right strategy to lower TCO.

To register for your free TCO assessment, go to: info.infinidat.com/TCO-UK.html


About Mark Smith

Mark Smith is the Enterprise Sales Manager at Infinidat for the UK, he has broad experience spanning over the last 20 years working with technology customers of the highest level – In the last 10 years Mark’s focus has been enterprise storage leading multiple IT vendors new business sales. Mark understands all layers of the storage / infrastructure marketplace, partnering with key distributors, business partners and alliance partners – building solutions to meet the needs of the customer.