Meet Priti Padhy, Winner of the Innovation Session at CIO Institute: London

Priti Padhy, CEO and Co-Founder of Cognino AI emerged the winner of the tech start-up innovation session held at the CIO London event. The CIO Institute chatted with him about his win. 
Meet Priti Padhy, Winner of the Innovation Session at CIO Institute: London

1. Tell us about your winning pitch at the event and what you thought was the key in helping you stand out from the other candidates 

At our mission is to empower decisions with Explainable AI. The current state of AI cannot explain its outcomes and there is no contextual understanding to any data the AI reasons through. 

During our pitch, we highlighted the biggest possibility for the industry over the next decade and how a 3rd generation AI can infuse and reimagine all industries.  

We focused our pitch on how AI provides opportunities to every organisation, as they are all driven by tech and software. How can AI be implemented to reimagine, infuse, and transform organisations, products, services, people and technology in every industry.  

Organisations take countless decisions everyday using huge amounts of internal and external data; that is growing exponentially. Our pitch was largely based on, how can we convert this mass data into actionable decision intelligence?  

2. Tell us about Cognino AI and how firms can benefit from using Cognino AI's tools and solutions at its heart has innovated a breakthrough technology that brings context from vast amounts of structured and unstructured data by building relationships, whilst explaining the decision making. In 2021, we were featured as part of ‘The Top 25 AI start-ups of 2021’ by Forbes, which is exciting for us.  

We have innovated a unique explainable AI engine that has over 30+ million private and public company data sets and market alternative data sets. The engine can then provide decision intelligence that you can utilise at your decision points. This knowledge can be transformed into, Risk Intelligence, Investment Intelligence, Lending Intelligence, and various other types of Intelligence. Organisations can leverage this to make their enterprise always-on and empower their own decision making. The output can be displayed as a webapp, or as an API connection to integrate seamlessly with your existing workflow. 

3. What are your future goals and plans to grow and expand as a start up?  

We have a bold ambition to simulate an ‘Artificial Real World’. This will allow us to predict risk before it happens, to forecast opportunities, create early warning systems, detect fraud, enable discovery of drugs and much more. This requires continuous progression to build this artificial simulated real world, by amassing continuous knowledge and its comprehension.    

4. In your opinion, what is needed to thrive in a highly competitive market? What should start-up’s focus on and prioritise to develop agility, and grow with speed?  

Be it a start-up or a large enterprise, at its core every organisation must have clarity and purpose. This clarity is not static, it is a continuous adjustment by looking into external and internal ecosystems. Every start-up, who intend to differentiate themselves, needs to continuously to focus on having a clarity and purpose. To define this, you must look at what exactly you are trying to do, what problem you are solving, how you are going to do this, how ultimately you enable those values. 

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