Miguel Callejo, CDO- Aon on Spain's transformation

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As we prepare to host our first CIO Europe event in Madrid, Spain in April 2020, our Head of Production for Europe, Craig McKenna, recently spoke to registered attendee Miguel Callejo, CDO at Aon on the issues in the IT industry which are most prominent in the Iberia region.

Miguel has held the position of CDO at Aon since 2013 and describes himself as a strategic thinker utilising Data & Analytics to boost business results. He helps organizations to design and implement their Data Strategy to become a Data-Driven company, as an enabler of the Business and Digital Transformation journey.

With a solid background in Change Management (Culture/Organization/Processes/Technology), IT & Security consultancy and a business mindset, he has carried out the Chief Information Officer (CIO) role at different sectors of activity, building up cross-border and multidisciplinary teams to deliver innovative and creative solutions aligning technology, information and data management with the business strategy.

Research conducted on the IT sector in Spain seemed to indicate the country is somewhat separate from the rest of Europe. While there are similarities between Spain and France in terms of Digital Transformation, they are behind the curve compared to Germany and Switzerland and are seen as being resistant to change.

When asked to comment on this, Miguel stated ‘we are probably a step behind the rest of Europe, with some focus on AI & RPA solutions. Global Aon data team is centralised in three centres of excellence located in Dublin, Krakow & Singapore, delivering corporate D&A solutions and supporting country specific needs. 

Our current efforts are on the back office in terms of trying to digitalise and introduce optimisation and improvements in the business processes, as a baseline to leverage the deployment of client faced solutions. In Spain the most advanced companies are usually in Finance and Telecoms. 

When asked to explain the data model at Aon, Miguel explained ‘We invested globally around $400m in the last year in Data & Analytics solutions, both internal (to support BAU and decision making process) and external (to deliver clients with Risk and People data based services, mainly developed for the US market). 

When moving those solutions into EMEA, we realised data quality requires to be improved and sustained, leading me to launch an initiative scalable across the region to build a ‘single point of truth’ where data is validated by the country and used both locally and globally, avoiding inconsistencies and leveraging organizational data culture.’


Our CIO Europe event in Madrid, Spain takes place on Thursday 2th April 2020. If you are interested in learning more about this event, click here.

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