Remote workers aren’t commuting but they are impacting network traffic: can your network handle it?

Mike Canney, Accedian

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The current increase in remote workers has shifted traffic from external to internal, putting a strain on VPN networks.

With the massive migration to a remote workforce, it is not surprising that your network (and IT team) is feeling stretched thin. You’ve probably been asking yourself: is my network robust enough for employees needing to connect and access corporate resources when working remotely? Will the network and applications accessed by the remote workforce satisfy the end-user experience and maintain productivity?

During this time of increased demand, Skylight assists you in ensuring that your critical collaboration tools and cloud assets can proactively support your remote workforce. Watch the video here to see how Skylight can help with the shift (and you can also register for free 60-day use of the software!).

  • See the impact of what this new traffic is doing to your applications and remote access network and more importantly, learn how to alleviate the stress on your network due to remote access.
  • Get a sneak peek of where your VPN traffic spike is happening and gain insight into the health of your network.
  • Gain complete visibility in end-user experience. Find out the network response time and the root cause of network degradations (ie slow servers, data transfer or round trip latency) to ensure you deliver the best possible experience for your users.

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