Supplying Consistent Security for Every Workspace

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Supplying Consistent Security for Every Workspace

In 2021, the challenge isn’t just about securing the remote workforce. It’s about securing any workforce, whether it’s in a home office, a traditional branch office, a software-defined branch or a combination of all three. All the quick fixes employed last year need to be rearchitected into permanent agile solutions. So how do you supply “consistent security” for every workspace? What is the new role of SD-WAN? The emergence of Secure Access Service Edge?

How can you maintain visibility, apply consistent information security enforcement, balancing the needs of productivity and business resiliency for every workspace? What are potential speedbumps along the way? And what is the best way to ensure an organization’s board of directors understands the full picture?

Join us for this session where Arashad Samuels and Moneim Yehia, Cloud Security Specialists at Cisco will draw from the experiences of the attendees, offering thoughts on the challenges around supplying “consistent security” for every workspace.

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