Transforming the digital workplace with the use of AI


Transforming the digital workplace with the use of AI

Using AI-powered search and knowledge recommendations to improve employee productivity and satisfaction.

Senior IT leaders recognise that their department can, and should, be the driver of employee experience. Using AI as an integration layer and helping to unify siloed applications in the digital workplace while tracking employee activity is no easy task. However, by prioritising search and knowledge management as core pillars for a digital workplace transformation, IT leaders will be able to yield positive business outcomes.

Studies say that employees are only productive for three hours of the working day, with a significant amount of time spent trying to find information or acquire the right material from their colleagues. Whilst improving this can be a developmental challenge, it is also a critical and exciting opportunity to reimagine the digital workplace and the core pillars that help to create a unified employee experience. Ensuring that employees have access to the latest content and data is pivotal to achieve long-term results.

So, how can we unify the digital workplace with AI-powered search and knowledge? What are IT leaders doing to transform the employee experience? How can AI, data and analytics be used as fundamentals to continuously improve business outcomes?

Join Coveo and a select group of senior thought-leading peers to understand what challenges your digital workplace may experience, discuss how to drive employee experience as an IT leader and talk through the opportunities that may arise when using AI to transform an organisation.