Trending News: Nasdaq Sees its Worst Day as Tech Stocks Tumble; Tonga Loses Internet; Jon France is (ISC)2 CISO; Amazon Alexa Resumes Operations

Trending News: Nasdaq Sees its Worst Day as Tech Stocks Tumble; Tonga Loses Internet; Jon France is (ISC)2 CISO; Amazon Alexa Resumes Operations

Nasdaq sees its worst day as tech stocks tumble 

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk was reported to have lost £18.5 billion, Amazon's Jeff Bezos saw £14 billion drop, Binance's Changpeng Zhao suffered losses of £12.5 billion and Mark Zuckerberg is now £7.6 billion worse off in what was Nasdaq's worst day ever since the pandemic began. 

Other tech giants such as Netflix and Peloton suffered steep drops with reports of stocks in chipmakers also suffering drastic losses. 

When markets closed on Friday, tech-focused Nasdaq saw a plummet of 7.6 percent for the week which is its biggest drop since March 2020. This will also become its fourth successive weekly drop and is so far, the longest decline in the last nine months. 

Market turmoil is expected to continue this week with reports to include Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, and Tesla. 

Undersea volcanic eruption causes Tonga to lose internet

The undersea volcanic eruption in the Pacific has caused widespread devastation to the island of Tonga as desperate family and friends await news of their loved ones stranded on the island as tsunami waves hit.

Government websites and news sources remain without any updates.

Satellite images show major destruction of the island as Australia and New Zealand rush to send food and water, medical supplies and telecommunications aid. 

A sonic boom could be heard as far as Alaska and tsunami warnings were issued for Hawaii, Alaska and the US Pacific coast. 

GSMA's Jon France joins (ISC)2 as CISO 

The Information System Security Certification Consortium ((ISC)2) has announced the appointment of GSMA senior executive Jon France as its new CISO. 

Reporting directly to CEO, Clar Rosso, France will be leading all (ISC)2's cyber security operations. France is also set to lead security and risk management strategies of the firm, providing regular strategic insights and risk assessments to the senior management and board. 

Formerly the head of industry security at mobile communications firm GSMA, France has more than two decades of building tech and security teams.

Amazon Alexa resumes operations

Users of voice-based assistant Amazon Alexa struggled to get help with their routines Friday morning as Alexa was reported to be down in an outage lasting for an hour in the UK and parts of Europe. 

Users relying heavily on the Alexa technology said that alarms would not stop going off and that Alexa was not interacting with them. 

As of today, Amazon has confirmed that the Alexa service is now operating normally. 

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