UnifAI Wins Institute Innovation at Oxford Event

UnifAI Wins Institute Innovation at Oxford Event

In this highly engaging session hosted by Steve Janoo, Global CIO of Dyson, four start-ups were invited to pitch their products and @Dan Byles from UnifAI Technology emerged the winner of the session. 

Competing with Amalytics, Balanced Life and Samurai Digital Security, who all showcased some great products, the competition was tough. However, Byles stood out which made his a guaranteed win. 

What was Byles' pitch about?

UnifAI Technology's goal is to ensure that AI is accessible to all through its development of DAVE and ANNA, two of their core technologies which help firms deploy AI on a much quicker and less costly scale. 

These technologies simplify the adoption of AI projects without the need for advanced data science skills, and are able to deliver broken down data to you with speed. 

Besides that, UnifAI utilises AI to help improve the health and wellbeing of people, the environment and infrastructure, all within reasonable costs. 

Watch Byles' winning pitch here. Chat with @Dan Byles to see how DAVE and ANNA can support your business. 

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