About Container Solutions

Container Solutions is a professional services company that helps enterprises transform their business with Cloud Native strategy, culture and technology. Whether you are still planning your digital transformation or are in the middle of a deadlock, or perhaps have completed a move to the cloud but aren’t seeing the benefits you’d expected, we will enable you to work in a way that is sustainable, integrated with your business needs, and ready to scale.

Our services:

  • Cloud Native Assessment (CNA) is a fast-paced and efficient 6-week assessment deliberately designed to be light-touch. We collect information, conduct workshops, and come to constructive, pragmatic and powerful recommendations to get your organisation closer to Cloud Native maturity. For an in-depth and honest assessment, we consider information across all levels - from senior leaders to stakeholders and engineers to executives.

  • A Cloud Native Transformation (CNT) considers the holistic change needed to become Cloud Native. We look at the strategy, culture and tech of your organisation, and use our proven methodology to get you closer to your business goals.

  • Cloud Native Operations (CNO) is for Mature Cloud Native organisations. We help with Site Reliability Engineering, upskilling your engineers and enabling continuous innovation.

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