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ABOUT K-Businesscom AG (KBC; formerly Kapsch BusinessCom AG) https://www.k-business.com/ is a leading ICT solutions and service provider and digitalization partner. K-Businesscom combines certified technology expertise with industry know-how as a consultant and end-to-end digital business engineer. Today, K-Businesscom is present with own subsidiaries in Austria, Central and Eastern Europe, with around 1,650 employees and a turnover of over 460 million Euros, and accompanies its customers on their way into the digital future. One success factor is proximity to the customer - K-Businesscom is also present with an independent national company in Switzerland for local proximity. With the acquisition of the IT service provider eCrome in 2018, the market entry in the Swiss market has started. K-Businesscom also accompanies customers on their cloud transformation journey and in the development of smart offices. As a technology company, we contribute a great deal to effectively protecting critical infrastructures and minimizing the consequences of attacks. Attacks on the IT of companies, organizations and administrations are increasing rapidly. In the period from 2019 to 2021, an increase of 65 percent was recorded in the EU alone - an existence-threatening scenario for many companies. Not only traditional IT is the target of cybercrime, but also the operating technologies and machines of the manufacturing industry are increasingly being targeted.


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