About Tredence

Tredence is a global data and AI solutions provider focused on solving the last-mile problem in AI. The ‘last-mile’ is the gap between insight creation and value realization. Tredence is the Value Amplifier scaling data strategy and building the decision intelligence engine for leading brands & large enterprises across different functions.

Leveraging a portfolio of 100+ AI/ML Accelerators, Tredence helps solve the biggest data engineering and data science challenges for the world's largest and fastest growing firms to help them unlock the power of their data. Tredence’ accelerator solutions speed time to value by over 50% to help you solve today’s problems today. 


Tredence Accelerators are customized to your data and unique business requirements, reduce total cost of ownership and leverage the computing of hyper-scalers to protect your data and provide the speed necessary to keep pace with today’s consumers. We have logged an industry leading 94% Net Promoter Score across 1000+ project engagements driven by the “Tredence Way” engagement model.

Our core solution offerings are in the areas of Data engineering, Data Science, Supply Chain Analytics, and Customer Experience Management with key accelerators that include:

  • Data Migration and platform modernization
  • Supply Chain Control Tower
  • Supplier Risk Management
  • Customer 360 using Tredence’ Customer Cosmos
  • NLP and AI Center of Excellence

Tredence’ client base is spread across multiple F500 firms in the verticals of:

  • Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Banking and Insurance


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