About Verne Global

Verne Global provides sustainable data centre solutions that are specifically designed, engineered and optimised to support high intensity compute workloads such as AI, machine learning, high performance computing (HPC) and supercomputing.

Located in Keflavik, Iceland, the company’s 40-acre data centre campus is powered by 100 percent renewable energy sources. By leveraging Iceland’s clean and reliable power grid, as well as a predictable climate that ensures 24/7/365 free cooling, Verne Global enables organisations to cut costs, carbon emissions and energy usage. Furthermore, the company’s specialist team of experts provides on-site, around-the-clock customer support, helping them to continually maximise the performance of their workloads. 

Founded in 2012, Verne Global’s campus today powers key innovations within some of the world’s most demanding industries, including financial services, earth sciences, life sciences, engineering, scientific research and AI. Its customers span industry giants to pioneering young start-ups, and include BMW, Volkswagen, Earlham Institute, DeepL, Threatmetrix and Wirth Research.

Organisation's Main Areas of Expertise

Applications & Infrastructure Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Ethics, Governance & CSR

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AI & ML Back-up & Recovery Infrastructure & Systems Infrastructure as a Service


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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning