Interview with Bernd Kopin, Managing Director - BridgeFlow GmbH

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In the interview above the CIO Institute’s Paula Carey spoke with Bernd Kopin Managing Director and Founder of BridgeFlow. Bernd recently spoke at our CIO Institute: DACH event on 30th March delivering his keynote in our opening panel: 'The CIO of the Future: Innovating with a Digital Workforce'.

Bernd covers a wide range of topics including what has changed in the past 12 months with remote work and what this mean when looking at the talent pool that is now available to organisations. He also reveals some success stories of companies that managed the abrupt shift to remote work better than others and why they have.  He gives some essential strategies for the upcoming uncertain times in regard to work organisation and collaboration. Bernd wraps up the interview by revealing how he would define the future of work. 

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