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When it comes to testing and its impact on innovating at speed, Chris Trueman is all too aware that you need to find more ways to be effective and efficient in approaches to software testing “in my own experience in particular with packaged applications..there is a reliance on key users to test all our key changes”.

Following his keynote ‘Communicating Risk: The CIO’s Guide to Innovation’ at our recent CIO Institute: United Kingdom event on the 4th March 2021, Chris Trueman SVP - LiveCompare of Tricentis, spoke with CIO Institute’s Paula Carey.

In the interview Chris recaps key points from the event and provides his own insights including; how Covid has changed the perception of IT departments, the common challenges organisations are facing when it comes to innovation and the best ways to tackle them, the key ingredients to building an elite performing software team. Chris also gave an example of a business who have reconciled quality, cost, and speed when it came to testing their enterprise applications.

You can watch the 10:33 interview above.

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