Interview with John Maeda, SVP/Chief Experience Officer at Everbridge

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As a studier of Bankruptcy firms, John Maeda knows the necessity for businesses to adapt quickly to digital transformation “…many of them (bankrupt businesses) were not ready in their digital transformation journey. They might be a furniture company that never figured out how to sell stuff online and suddenly they were trapped when Covid happened.”

Following his keynote ‘Building the Next-Generation Enterprise’ at our recent CIO Institute: United Kingdom event on the 4th March 2021, Dr John Maeda, SVP/Chief Experience Office of Everbridge, spoke with CIO Institute’s Paula Carey.

In the Interview John discusses the effects the pandemic has had on businesses and the necessity to adapt quickly, which industry he felt had to adapt quickest, how prepared they businesses to be for future pandemics as well as which businesses he feels have suffered from digital stagnation.

You can watch the 04:50 interview above.

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